Monday, February 9, 2009

To dump or not to dump (sand)

Southampton residents (or anyone else living on Long Island for that matter) and the councils-that-be are continuously debating various manners of beach replenishment and who should pay for it. I say, don't live on the shore and don't fight mother nature - you will lose.

Florida's Indian River County residents might soon be paying a new tax to pay for sand pumping.

Aliens at Sea!!! (Don't worry, it's just the scientists taking about microbes and kind of doing a good job of describing their work to garner attention.)

Direct quote from article on the rise of Food Stamps in Oregon.
“We do not have the legal authority to tell people that they can’t buy junk,” Stewart said.

Lifeway Foods, Inc. (the makers of Kefir, which I love!) set to buy Fresh Made, Inc.

Going back to our roots: in Calaveras County, CA, officials created Calaveras Farm to Family to assist people in need by organizing local farms' donations to shelters and food banks to provide for families in need. Starting out as fresh food donations from local farms, the program will grow to incorporate teaching farming and planting skills to families.

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