Thursday, April 2, 2009


Tomato Products Wellness Center joins Healthy Lives this April

Providence, RI Culinary Arts Museum showcases the evolution of our food culture

AIV Microbiology's Paul Hall Receives 2009 NCFST Award for Food Safety (I just copied the whole title because I'm tired this morning)

I was interested in this post because it is about a Benefit Tea at Monticello to benefit a library, but what caught my eye was the link to the local school lunch program. I rarely see so convenient a link to get information on school lunch menus. This is very impressive.

Indonesian government wants local cocoa production to increase by 300% (!)

Cocoa farmers in Ghana looking for ways to make a disease-free cacao planting materials

Honolulu wants you know that they have a chocolate industry

Ivory Coast gets debt-relief

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