Wednesday, October 7, 2009

International Goodness 2

I forgot I had started a post oh so long ago and the article I had sitting here is really amazing, so I'll start my new linkage with it:

Women Librarians in Nigeria convene to figure out ways to eradicate poverty

School and multiple jobs and soap-opera-scale drama in my personal life has kept me so, like, busy and stuff? I'm going to have to slowly get back into posting links. I really want to start writing more about my work and school and eating (etc., etc., etc.) and I will - starting today!

SLJ has a piece on "Librarians as, um, Crap Detectors" and I couldn't agree more. I keep saying to anyone who will listen that librarians will always serve a purpose and will always be important. We weed books and information so that the patron (of all varieties) will have access to the most relevant, um, stuff.

I loved this quote in an article about librarians at Wright State University, “Every student has a librarian, find yours." This was said by Sue Polanka, Head of Reference and Instruction. This should be (one of) the motto(s) for librarians everywhere. It could be something like, "Everyone has a librarian. Find yours!"

This is just weird and there is so little written that I have no idea what the whole story is. However, the headline made me laugh a little. None of my schools ever had a lollipop man!

Here is a small piece on the increasing efforts to manufacture fair trade chocolate.

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  1. Michele, Will you be my librarian?

    I promise to always be true and only trust your professiona opinion when weeding through all my learning crap!