Saturday, January 24, 2009

More links and such

Activists are changing the way food is brought to millions of people in need.

Whole Foods' appeal to have the FTC investigate their purchase of Wild Oats Markets is rejected.

For decades, I've known people who chose beer over wine to pair with food. Now, apparently, it is a trend. It will probably die out soon though, as the people who thought it was silly for that dude who drank beer with their fancy dinner come to realize he was ahead of his time!

Chili contest raises money for 'Pig Lips' scholarship, which is for people interested in pursuing agricultural degrees.

Commander's Palace cooking lessons! I want!

You really can get arrested for overdue/unreturned books! See? And here.

Book Buddies program in AZ.

Old Sesame Street rocked!! And they could kick your ass!

Testing for lead leads to ban on anyone under 12 at this library.

VALE's efforts are merged with the OLE project.

Piracy can affect YOU (and the fishing industry) too!!

Deep tidal water resources are being used to create energy.

I love how my tax dollars are used to pay for sand to constantly be hauled to and dumped on rich bitches' beaches!

This program at UNH sounds amazing! The first EcoGastronomy program of its kind.

Big European chocolate business becomes bigger European chocolate business.

My dream event! Chocolate, aquariums and old people!

T-T-ennessee Chocolate Fest!!

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