Friday, January 23, 2009

First Entry - what else but links?

Another Journal I'll never be published in because I don't know the right people or something.

Oooh, fancy, Social Libraries

Someone out there is looking for the perfect wine accompaniment to your chips and wings. I call it "Fancy Junk".

Book I want about the evolution of kitchens called, coincidentally, The Evolution of America's Kitchens!

If only Albany was closer! I would love to check out the Evolutionary Cooking Series at the State Liberry.

Mmmmm . . . camel milk chocolate

Who doesn't trust archaeological evidence of something? No one I know because it is, like, fact or something.

Old, bad, London Jazz - in a book! Sounds fun!

Holy Shit! The Huffington Post really does suck and obviously hires people who write straight BS and BS only. Maybe journalism needs to be re-defined because the journalists out there are not journalists.

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